Organic matter found on Mars

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26.lil numby » Tue Jun 12, 2018 5:35 pm


I’ve been ridiculed many times in the past for my belief that our understanding of life is limited. Just because we are a carbon based life form, doesn’t mean other form of being has to be. The response is always, “life has to be carbon based or it couldn’t exist”....Says who? Our laws of science don’t have to apply to the rest of the galaxy. It’s naive and arrogant.

I bet there’s some alien on mars laughing his ass off as he walks past our Rover all invisible, Predator style.
well, there's a reason Mars is covered in shit we have like silicon and iron oxide as opposed to vibranium and unobtainium. so i think it's safe to assume that the rest of the universe follows the laws of science we're familiar with.
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